poniedziałek, 24 września 2012

Escape characters alive forever

The multiseat config is never managed once and for ever...

I wanted the scripts to be as little dependent as possible, so for parsing the multiseat.conf file I used only bash&sed&awk, no fancy tools like python. The helper-functions have been written in the mawk dialect of awk, and the awk found in Debian used to be mawk. Alas, no longer. So there are two options to consider: modify the helper-functions, so that mawk is used explicitly instead of awk (and make sure mawk is installed), or modify the helper-functions to speak gnu awk found in Debian now. I chose the second option. In fact only some escaping craziness differs. Instead of one backslash now two or three (!) are required here and there. You can find the new script here.

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